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Avasa and Matthew married October 2nd, 2010, and two weeks later released their first EP ‘Love is King, Love is Queen’, since then in 2015 they have re-released ‘Love is King, Love is Queen’ and their most recent album ‘The Road’ through White Swan Records.  Both produced by Robin Livingston(world renowned musical producer and childhood friend).


As husband and wife, Avasa and Matthew share a passion to serve God and humanity through their creative gifts, cultivating inner peace through music that uplifts the heart and heals with spirit. Their strong, evocative voices blend compellingly as they share the intimate, organic compositions that they’ve co-created in the simple space of their Los Angeles home.  They share songwriting credits, writing both independently and together — always with the clear goal of creating music that nourishes the soul and inspires each listener to join them on “the road” to know one’s guiding inner light.  What they create is truly heart-opening, incredibly catchy music that sticks with you, reassures you, and makes it easy to dance and sing along.


Avasa and Matthew have shared the stage with numerous artists such as: Jason Mraz, Ben Lee, MC YOGI, Peia, David Newman, C.C White, Donna De Lory, among others.








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